LS-15 AC Power Cord Voluntary Replacement Program
Dear valued Customer,

Acer has announced a voluntary replacement program starting on May 1, 2015 for certain AC power cords distributed with specified models of Acer notebook computers between September 2010 and June 2012. Acer is offering replacement AC power cords, free of charge, to eligible customers.

You may view the FAQ for this voluntary replacement program here.

Please be advised not all AC power cords supplied with a designated Acer notebook computer model are affected. Accordingly, please validate the power cord shipped with your notebook by following the instructions below.

How to find the 'Serial Number' or 'SNID' of your Acer System?
For products, the Serial Number is located on the bottom of the unit.
The SNID is 11 (or) 12 numeric characters.
The Serial Number is 22 alphanumerics characters.
Please enter your notebook 'Serial Number' or 'SNID' and press 'Submit'
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AC Power Cord Replacement Program FAQ

Q1:If my AC power cord is subject to this replacement program, will there be a replacement cost?
A1:There is no cost to the customer. Acer is replacing the affected AC power cord free of charge.

Q2:Is Acer also replacing the AC power adapter?
A2:No, Acer is only replacing certain AC power cords. Please keep your AC power adapter, which is not affected.

Q3:How do I return my affected AC power cord?
A3:You don’t need to return the affected AC power cord. However, once you receive the replacement AC power cord, please dispose of or recycle your AC power cord in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Q4:How long will it take until I receive the replacement AC power cord?
A4:Acer will send you a replacement AC power cord as soon as possible once we receive and confirm your order and shipping information. Delivery time may vary depending on country, but expect it to take at least seven working days.

Q5:Why is the AC power cord being offered for replacement?
A5:Customer service and safety are top priorities for Acer. There have been some reports of overheating in connection with AC power cords of similar built sold with notebook computers by other PC brands. Therefore, as a precaution, we have decided to offer this voluntary replacement program to our customers.